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BEST 3D Glasses kit(the only RF tunable) for most projectors and for many 3DTV sets
Our Price: $92.00

  • Only user tunable glasses ever made (for max brightness and min ghosting(crosstalk) up to 300ft range and ONLY tunable Glasses that Work with almost all infrared synced tv's and projectors(and if you have a dlp 3d projector see our dlp link converter box that lets you use these or any 3D Vesa 3 pin miniDin emitter/glasses kit with it).
  • Only kit that works at all Panasonic 10,20,30,40 series 3DTV's and projectors, compatible with MonsterVisionTM MAX 3D glasses and emitters, Optoma BG-3D or BG-ZF2100GLS glasses and BG-BC100 emitter, work simultaneously with your existing IR sync glasses and emitters(not compatible with Bluetooth glasses).
  • Fully compatible with all Optoma, VIP and Monster RF glasses and emitters. Most sophisticated glasses available--can adjust the timing for optimal image and update software via USB port.
  • RF (RadioFrequency)--no interference, any # glasses, any distance. They can work alone or simultaneously with IR glasses on most Sony, Panasonic (not 2012 T50 models) and Samsung C series tv's *NOT on D,E, ES or later Samsung, OR  on any 3D ready projector with Optoma 3DXL box, OR many recent projectors such as Optoma HD33, HD83 etc having the 3D Vesa plug, and ALL Mitsubishi and Samsung 3D ready DLP TV's. 2.4gz RF technology delivers perfect 3D picture sync with more range and reliability over typical glasses and allows you to move freely.
  • Ultra high-speed adjustable lenses deliver maximum image brightness and 3D resolution Rechargeable glasses last for up to 60 hours plug and play setup.
  • Includes our own 10 page illustrated manual worth its wt. in gold! and bag, cleaning cloth, detailed instructions. durable.