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3DTV Corp

3DTV Corp was established in 1989 and made the front page of the Wall Street Journal by introducing the first home 3DTV system with LCD shutter glasses and 3D movies on VHS tape at the 1990 CES. See our page for the long list of original world first 3D products.
Subsequently, 3DTV introduced a wide variety of consumer and professional products for 3D video, graphics and Virtual Reality. Including:
  • "Solidizing"-- a realtime process for converting 2D video into 3D.
  • The first full color stereoscopic CDROM ("3D Magic") including games for the pc with shutter glasses.
  •  The first consumer wireless LCD shutter glasses system .
  •  Perfected a full color anaglyph --"SpaceSpexTM"and released "StereoMac 3D" the first LCD glasses system for MacIntosh.
  • Created the shutter glasses hardware for the NeoTek 3D CDROM series - still the only common stereoscopic educational software system.
  • Produced a compact stereo camera for NASA's Mars program and collaborated with Neotek to produce the first 3D DVDROM system for PC-TriDVD.
  • Released the first shutter glasses 3D movies on VHS and later on DVD.
  • Licensed "Solidizing" patent to X3D Corp. who put some of the algorithms into a set top box, still widely sold as the "Virtual FX 3D Converter".
  • Provided the hardware for TriD, the first and by far easiest to use digital HD 3D record/edit/autoplayback video system running on standard Windows pc's.
  • Recently, we introduced the first Universal Wireless glasses transmitters and glasses (for Home/mid-range/cinema) able to work with 8 different wireless glasses/emitter systems.